Elm to showcase its latest Innovative Digital Systems at GITEX 2019 – Intelligent Gitex
Elm to showcase its latest Innovative Digital Systems at GITEX 2019

Elm to showcase its latest Innovative Digital Systems at GITEX 2019

Elm, a leading digital solution provider, will showcase its latest digital systems that reflect its adoption of the data revolution concept during GITEX.

The company will present its new integrated systems, including Elm Analytics Platform, Elm Health Information System, IoT Telemedicine Platform, ‘Seraj’ Smart Consulting Integrated System for Intelligent PMO and the Integrated Transport System.

Elm has achieved a lot of success this year, as it started new partnerships and invested in emerging projects such as ‘Bayzat’, ‘Zid’, ‘Unifonic’ and ‘Sayarah’. The company is also aiming to increase its presence in new developing markets both in Asia and Africa, which reflects the importance of its presence in these significant exhibitions.

Majid Saad Alarifi, Marketing Vice President at Elm, emphasised the importance of Elm’s participation in international events, including GITEX, in order to strengthen relationship with customers, build strategic partnerships and alliances in the industry and gain new opportunities in target markets, as well as highlighting the most essential digital systems and business solutions provided by Elm to customers in different countries, according to the highest quality standards.

He explained that Elm had developed its digital systems based on the concept of Big Data, which helps to solve the biggest problems facing any society, and gives extensive readings of what will be the case in the future, and thus helps to make decisions that push communities to prosper and grow.

Alarifi said that the Integrated Transport System will ensure the security, effectiveness and interdependence of the transport sector, which provides more security and safety, ensuring the rights and responsibilities of transport and control parties, developing the quality of cargo transport operations, ensuring efficiency, speed and accuracy, as well as verifying the legality of all parties. The data of the authorities working in the land and air transport, vehicles and cargoes (transported goods), drivers, consignor and consignee, contribute to improving services and improving national security, and improve the cultural landscape, regulate public utilities according to the results of big data analytics as well as creating new market opportunities.

Alarifi explained that the new solutions system at GITEX 2019 had been specifically designed based on the company’s focus on innovation, research, and development, which is, according to Elm’s strategy, considered as one of the main pillars that will contribute to ensure a better life and build a brighter future for communities.

The company’s stand at the Sheikh Saeed Hall will include some of the models developed as business solutions such as the Analytical Platform, Big Data management, Smart Consulting Platforms, Machine Learning models, Business Intelligence, AI applications, and IoT services.

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