Cohesity to showcase next-gen data management solutions at GITEX 2022

Cohesity to showcase next-gen data management solutions at GITEX 2022

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1. What will make GITEX Technology Week 2022 an important event to attend this year?

The focus of our participation will be to raise awareness around Cohesity and our next-gen data management approach which sits at the intersection of three of the highest priority business issues today – cybersecurity, cloud and data management.

We intend to explain why traditional data management products are failing businesses-neither safeguarding nor empowering enterprise data-while adding considerable complexity. And legacy thinking will not solve this challenge.

We aim to help customers and partners discover next-gen data management which takes them on a transformational approach that makes it easy to protect, manage and derive value from their data.

Gregg Petersen, Regional Director – MEA at Cohesity

Another key theme will be around our threat defence architecture – a multi-layered architecture and framework that brings together a range of our products, services, capabilities and ecosystem partners, to help customers identify threats through AI and ML, protect their data and easily recover in the event of a cyberattack.

With this framework, customers can benefit from resiliency at scale and they can protect their data with encryption, hyperscale-inspired fault tolerance, data immutability, air-gapping and data isolation solutions, built on immutable and tamper-resistant technology to facilitate clean data resiliency.

It will help them go beyond Zero Trust with advanced access controls like MFA, RBAC and Quorum and ensure they can keep the bad guys out. We empower customers to catch ransomware before it’s too late with our AI-powered near-real-time anomaly detection that identifies threats so that organisations can respond and remediate quickly.

2. What are the reasons your company is exhibiting at GITEX and what do you aim to achieve at the show?

Cohesity is set to participate at GITEX Global where we will be demonstrating our entire suite of next-gen data management solutions. Among these, the key products we intend to showcase are:

Helios: This is our next-gen data management platform that provides a comprehensive range of data services, available either as self-managed software or SaaS.

DMaaS: Our Data Management-as-a-Service solution offers a radically simplified way for organisations to protect, secure, govern and analyse data.

DataProtect: This modern, hyperscale solution enables businesses to simplify data protection, ensure recovery and defend against ransomware.

FortKnox: By empowering organisations to isolate their data, our FortKnox SaaS solution further strengthens ransomware protection and recovery strategies. It serves as a highly secure data vault providing a ‘virtual air gap’.

SmartFiles: This easy-to-manage file and object solution lets our customers transform their NAS and improve data reduction while lowering TCO.

SiteContinuity: This solution delivers automated Disaster Recovery failover and failback orchestration which strengthens Business Continuity strategies. It enables organisations to get always-on accessibility without adding infrastructure silos, operational complexity, or cost.

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